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Transplant services

The Transplant team at Papworth carry out heart, lung and heart-lung transplants on patients from across the United Kingdom.
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Specialist services

The multidisciplinary transplant team at Papworth also provides additional specialist heart and lung services.
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Transplant history

Papworth Hospital has been leading the way in transplantation for over 30 years.
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Transplant team

The Papworth Hospital team has accumulated over 30 years' of experience in transplantation.
Transplantation at Papworth Hospital

Papworth Transplant Support Network at Papworth Hospital

Papworth Hospital ensures patients and relatives are supported by the professionals at Papworth. In 2012, Papworth held a their first Transplant patient involvement event. The event, hosted by the transplant team aimed to hear from patients about what they thought was good about the service they received and also areas for improvement.

The event focussed on all areas of the transplant journey, from assessment through to post transplant care. Patients attending included those waiting for a transplant, those who had received a transplant and those who have received a ventricular assist device.

Feedback from the event is used by the transplant team to improve the service they provide to patients.

Papworth Transplant Support Forum

The Papworth Transplant Support Forum is aimed at patients, relatives and staff of Papworth hospital and is intended as a platform to share experiences, offer advice and support others who are involved with transplantation.

To join the forum, you should contact the administrator and request a username and password.

Transplant Times

Transplant Times is the magazine produced by the Transplant Team at Papworth Hospital. It is aimed at patients and relatives and is full of articles and news about the department and focuses on the achievements of many of our patients.

Transplant Times - August 2014
Transplant Times - September 2013
Transplant Times - Winter 2012
Transplant Times - Summer 2012
Transplant Times - Winter 2012
Transplant Times - Summer 2012
Transplant Times - Winter 2011
Transplant Times - Summer 2011

If you have any further suggestion and ideas to support the Transplant Services or share information with other patients, please contact the department.

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