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Speech & Language  Therapy

What is a Speech and Language Therapist?

Speech and Language Therapists carry out assessment, advice and rehabilitation with people who have either a difficulty with communication or with eating and drinking.  We support both the person with the difficulty and those around them providing support and training.

Indicators that you or someone you are concerned about may need Speech and Language Therapy support.


  • Difficulty in understanding and processing what is being said.
  • Struggling to find or write down the correct word to say.  There may be very few words or lots of words that are hard to understand.
  • Words sound unclear when spoken.  This can be worse when tired.
  • Voice sounds strained, too high or low, too quiet or, at times, isn’t audible at all.  It doesn’t sound like the person’s normal voice.

Eating and Drinking

  • Chewing the food takes a long time.
  • Food remains in the mouth after swallowing.
  • Fluid leaks back out through the lips rather than being swallowed.
  • Coughing when eating or drinking.
  • Voice sounds wet/gurgly when eating or drinking.
  • Increased breathlessness when eating or drinking.
  • Frequent chest infections.
  • A tracheostomy has been placed.

Speech and Language Therapy often work with adults who:

  • Have had a Stroke or head injury.
  • Are diagnosed with a neuro-muscular disorder, such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Muscular Dystrophy.
  • Have breathing difficulties that is affecting their speech or ability to eat and drink.
  • Have a tracheostomy in place.
  • Are experiencing a new or increased difficulty in speaking or swallowing after surgery.
  • Have Learning Difficulties.
  • Have Physical Disabilities.

Referring to the Speech and Language Therapy Team


You need to be a patient of Papworth Hospital.  Please leave a message with your contact details, so we can ring you back. 

Outpatient or hospital transfer

The patient needs to be under the care of a medical team at Papworth Hospital. Please send or fax a letter or report with the patient details, relevant clinical history and reason for referral.

Contact details
Office contact details: Telephone: 01480 364732 Fax: 01480 364924
Pippa Hales, Team Leader of Speech and Language Therapy works Tues, Thursday and Friday 08:30 – 14:00 and Wednesday 08:30-17:30.  Her bleep number is 227.
Corinne Mossey-Gaston, Speech and Language Therapist is available Monday to Wednesday 08:00-17:30.  Her bleep number is 978.


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