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The Acute Pain Management Service

What is our aim?

Our aim is to provide individualized, timely and effective care for patients that
prevents and manages pain to enhance recovery.

Who are we?

The Acute Pain Management Service is provided by a team of dedicated
healthcare professionals including:

  • Anaesthetists
  • Acute Pain Specialist Nurse
  • ALERT Team (a team of Advanced Nurse Practitioners)
  • Acute Pain Link Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Pharmacists

We work alongside ward nursing staff, Operating Department Practitioners, Cardiac Surgery Recovery Unit Practitioners and Critical Care Practitioners.

The Acute Pain Management Service is co-ordinated by the Department of Anesthesia & Intensive Care, part of the Theatres, Critical Care & Anaesthesia (TCCA) Directorate. The service is also supported by the Chronic Pain Management Service and the Supportive & Palliative Care Team.

What do we do?

The Acute Pain Management Service provides a 24 hour service for all inpatients at Papworth. Our services include:

  • Preoperative assessment (in clinic and by telephone) and in-patient acute pain management planning
  • Specialist acute pain management techniques including continuous epidural analgesia (pain relief delivered into the spine), continuous paravertebral-extrapleural analgesia (pain relief delivered between the ribs) and intravenous opioid patient-controlled analgesia (pain relief which can be controlled by the patient)
  • A wide range of tablets and liquids for pain relief which are individualised for each patient, including simple painkillers, moderately strong painkillers, very strong painkillers (morphine-like drugs) and antineuropathic medicines (drugs to treat nerve-related pain)
  • Physical therapy to allow patients to move and exercise with minimal discomfort
  • Direct heat therapy to relieve localised pain and discomfort
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy (electrical pain relief treatment)
  • Inhaled Entonox (a gas mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen) to provide pain relief for short procedures
  • Antiemetic therapy (medicines to prevent and treat sickness)
  • Bowel care (medicines to prevent and treat constipation)
  • Referral to the Chronic Pain Management Service if necessary for patients with long-term, difficult-to-treat pain
  • Referral to the Supportive & Palliative Care Service for patients who need ongoing support and care
  • A comprehensive, Trust-wide educational programme to support all healthcare professionals to provide effective and safe acute pain management

How can you contact us?

Papworth Hospital switchboard: Telephone 01480-830541
Acute Pain Specialist Nurse: Pager 848
ALERT Team: Pager 432
Department of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Office: Telephone 01480-364406 or 364381
Lead Consultant for Pain Management - Dr Kamen Valchanov
Acute Pain Specialist Nurse - Jacinta Nalpon
ALERT Lead Advanced Nurse Practitioner - Julie Quigley
ALERT Advanced Nurse Practitioner Acute Pain Lead - Maura Sale


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