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The sleep centre

Papworth Hospital is the largest national centre for the provision of ventilator support and sleep medicine. Referrals are received from all over the UK for all types of sleep disorders; obstructive sleep apnoeas, narcolepsy and unusual behaviours during sleep. The centre, which features a ‘sleep clinic’ is the largest in the UK.

The RSSC provides a progressive care programme, domiciliary ventilation, (respiratory support at home) specialist oxygen systems and the management of a wide range of both respiratory and non-respiratory sleep disorders.

The Papworth Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre (RSSC) has a dedicated website.
Visit for full details.

RSSC Outpatients Booking Office telephone: 01480 364565 or 01480 364176
RSSC Outpatients Bookings fax: 01480 364558
RSSC Inpatients Booking Office telephone: 01480 364182

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