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What to bring with you

You may wish to use this check-list as a guide as to what to bring with you to the hospital:

Medication (please see medicine section)
Clothes and underwear
Night clothes - front opening/buttoning
Dressing gown
bra / supportive clothing
Toothbrush/toothpaste/denture cleaner
Liquid soap (not a bar of soap)
Paper tissues
Spectacles/contact lenses
Shaving equipment (any electrical equipment may need to be tested by hospital staff for safety)
Walking stick
Hearing aid and batteries
Pension book

You may also wish to bring books, knitting, writing materials, stamps, etc.

What not to bring with you

A bedside  locker is available for your personal belongings. However storage space is limited, so we must ask you only to bring the clothes you will need during your stay.

We request you please not to bring in quantities of money or valuables. It would be helpful if, after your admission, a relative or friend could take home any valuables or money, apart from a small amount of change which you may need for telephone cards, newspapers, etc.
If you feel your valuables or money must stay in the hospital, please inform the nurse in charge of the ward, who will have them placed in the hospital safe and issue you with a receipt. We regret that the hospital cannot be held responsible for any money or valuables which are not handed over for safe-keeping.

There are no banks or cash machines on the hospital site or in the village. However, there is a Post Office in the village store, which offers some limited banking services. The nearest banks can be found in St Ives (six miles), St Neots (seven miles) and Huntingdon (seven miles).

Please do not bring into the hospital:
•    Alcohol
•    Knives
•    Towels
•    Flannels/face-cloths


Please bring a supply of all your regular medicines into hospital with you. If you are using nicotine replacement therapy, please don’t forget to include this. If you have an anti-coagulant record book, please bring this.

The doctor or pharmacist will need to know exactly which medicines you have been taking. This includes those prescribed by your general practitioner, any you take regularly but purchase from your local pharmacy and any herbal or homeopathic preparations you may be taking. Please bring a supply of all your regular medicines into hospital with you. These should be in their original packaging and must be shown to your nurse or doctor when you arrive. Your nurse will arrange for them to be stored securely on the ward during your stay.

At no time during your stay should you take any medicines not prescribed by, or known about and agreed by, your hospital doctor. This includes any herbal or complementary therapies, or food supplements such as vitamins and minerals.
If you are participating in the ‘Self Administration of Medicines’ programme you will be advised by nursing staff how to take your medicines.

The hospital will provide you with any necessary medicines for you to take home on your discharge from hospital, including those of your own which you are still instructed to take at the time of discharge.

During the course of your admission you may be prescribed various medicines. Occasionally it may be necessary to prescribe a medicine which does not have a product licence. Your doctor will explain why this unlicensed medicine is being recommended and any possible side-effects. A patient information leaflet is available which explains the use of unlicensed medicines.

If you have any queries or concerns about any aspect of your medication, please ask your doctor or nurse. Pharmacists visit all the wards on a regular basis and are also happy to answer any questions you may have about your medicines.


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