How long have you worked at Royal Papworth Hospital?
It will be six years in October.

What made you choose a career in nursing?
I always wanted to be a nurse as I see myself as a very caring person and enjoy working with people. My mum was a nurse and continued her career in the caring profession, so becoming a nurse felt like a very natural thing for me.

What would you say to other nurses considering working at Royal Papworth?
I would tell them to come! Papworth is an excellent hospital to work in. I came here as a newly-qualified nurse, moving away from family and friends in Scotland and immediately I felt welcome. Everyone was extremely friendly and I felt part of the team very quickly. Papworth has offered me many opportunities to progress my career and complete further training at Anglia Ruskin University. I know it’s been said before but the staff here feel like a big extended family.

How are you feeling about the move to the new hospital?
I am very excited about the move. It will be sad to leave the old site as it has so much character and history but it is very exciting to have a new and shiny hospital.

Can you share a story about the most memorable patient you’ve helped?
I have worked on the Cystic Fibrosis Unit since I qualified and during that time I have got to know our patients and families very well and that is what I love about the job. CF patients transition to Royal Papworth from paediatric care when they are teenagers and it can be very daunting when they first come to Royal Papworth. What I enjoy most is getting to know new patients and their families. I think it is very important to build that relationship and rapport with the patient to ensure we as a team provide the best care.

Where are we based?

Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Papworth Road
Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Telephone:  01223 638000

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