16 January 2019

Royal Papworth has among the best survival rates for thoracic surgery for lung cancer in the country.

The hospital was one of only two positive outliers for one-year survival following thoracic surgery in the most recent figures for 2016, according to the National Lung Cancer Audit, which collaborated with the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery of Great Britain & Ireland.

Mr Aman Coonar (pictured above alongside fellow Consultant Thoracic Surgeons Adam Peryt, left, and Giuseppe Aresu, centre), Lead for Thoracic Surgery at Royal Papworth Hospital, said: “We are all very pleased with these results. In addition to excellence and innovation in surgery we have a great team and post-operation care pathways.

“We are a multi-disciplinary team of surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, physiotherapists and many others. In fact the whole team - cleaners, caterers, admin staff and managers as well - are involved in making sure that we have the best possible outcomes. This is based on the excellent working relationships we have with many chest physicians and cancer specialists in our referring hospitals throughout the region and beyond.

“We work hard to ensure patients are in the best state before surgery. If people have problems after discharge we work very closely with outside hospitals to give the best chance of recovery. Working harmoniously with colleagues we hope to maintain and improve these outcomes.”