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The Respiratory Immunology Clinic

The Immunology Clinic at Papworth Hospital attracts regional and national referrals with severe, persistent, unusual, recurrent or relapsing (SPUR) lung infections to assess for immunodeficiency, immune ageing, and impaired immunity responsive to immunisation.

The Consultant Immunologists provide clinical and laboratory support for the Cambridge Centre for Lung Infection within an integrated clinical/pathological/radiological approach.

The Immunology Clinic and the Lung Defence Clinic run in tandem to provide a uniquely streamlined service covering a wide spectrum of conditions characterised by difficult lung infection.

The Immunology Clinic specialises in investigating and treating patients with:

1) Primary Immunodeficiency

  • Classical antibody and cellular immunodeficiencies presenting with infections
  • Immunodeficiencies presenting with autoimmune/allergic diseases
  • Non-classical immunodeficiencies - narrow spectrum of infection and/or autoimmunity
  • Premature Immune ageing
  • Sequelae of primary immunodeficiency presenting in childhood

2) National Centre for Ataxia Telangectasia (AT) in Adults

  • Service provided to address the immunological and respiratory problems these patients face

3) Secondary Immunodeficiency: with Haematologists/Oncologists specialising in:

  • Bone Marrow/Haematopoetic Stem Cell transplantation (BMT / HSCT)
  • Leukaemia and Lymphoma
  • Cancer chemotherapy

4) Secondary Immunodeficiency in the context of:

  • Immunosuppression in autoimmune disorders
  • GUCH e.g. after surgery for congenital heart disease with incidental thymectomy
  • Premature Immune Ageing secondary to drugs, infection


We support over 100 patients receiving immunoglobulin replacement with IVIG, SCIG and biological therapies including Interferon gamma.

We have developed one of the largest home care therapy programmes in the country, supported by protocol driven annual reviews and specialist clinics for:

  • Immunoglobulin Infusions - IVIG and SCIG as appropriate
  • Home Care Therapy Training

The service is supported by an active Patient Support Group