Patient and public involvement (PPI) enables researchers to design, manage and undertake research projects in collaboration with patients and/or the public, which leads to research that is relevant to the patient groups. It is also a fundamental part of the majority of grant applications, especially National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) grants.

PPI is required in many aspects of grant applications including:

  • The identification of research topics of interest to the public and service users
  • Assistance with the design of patient information sheets
  • Input with study management

We have a team of patient advisers we can draw upon for support with this. For information and assistance regarding PPI in specific grant applications and/or research protocols please contact Chrissie Mills

Support for researchers wishing to engage with patients

  • National Standards for Patient & Public Involvement. There are a set of six national standards to guide you with your patient and public involvement activites. Full details of these standards can be found here.
  • INVOLVE Cost Calculator allows researchers to calculate the costs of PPI in their research to enter into grants applications. Currently the patient panels running within our hospital do not offer direct payment for participating in a panel, but they do cover the costs of travel to and from all meetings.
  • People in Research is a website created for members of the public who would like to find out more about public involvement in research