All NHS Organisations must ensure that they have effective systems in place to control healthcare associated infection. At Papworth Hospital we are committed to reducing avoidable healthcare associated infections and providing a clean, safe environment for our patients, their relatives and our staff.

As with all NHS organisations, we are required to demonstrate compliance with the Health and Social Care Act, Code of Practice for the NHS on the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections, 2008. In this regard, the Infection, Prevention and Control Team at Papworth Hospital ensure evidence based key policies and procedures are in place, with a programme of audit and surveillance to ensure practices are being implemented appropriately.

Hand hygiene audit

Hand hygiene is the single most effective way to prevent the transmission of health care associated infection. Royal Papworth Hospital is committed to promoting hand hygiene practice at the point of care amongst our staff. As part of the campaign for promotion of effective hand hygiene, patients and visitors are encouraged to ask healthcare workers if they have washed their hands at the point of care. 'It's OK to ask.'

Audits of hand hygiene are carried out both on a weekly and monthly basis.

Hand hygiene compliance (%)