We work with academic and commercial partners to develop new and innovative medical technologies, devices and apps that are used across the world. We also work with organisations seeking our expert input into the development of specialist devices to provide better care for our cardiothoracic population and beyond.

Our latest healthcare innovation products include:


Laudit is a digital reporting portal to enable the recognition and celebration of the everyday extraordinary measures that staff perform in their everyday roles. Since its inception in 2018, the staff at Royal Papworth Hospital have sent thousands of Laudits, with the numbers increasing during times of particular pressure on the organisation, such as the waves of the pandemic.

Laudit provides a convenient, simple and reliable way of saying thank you, while also contributing to departmental and organisational performance. Although every organisation has examples of their staff going above and beyond, most do not have any way of formally recording these episodes of excellence. Indeed, many organisations invest heavily in mechanisms for learning from mistakes and complaints whilst failing to recognise examples of outstanding practice.

If your organisation is interested in purchasing Laudit, email us on laudit@nhs.net. ​​​​​


EuroSCORE is a world-leading cardiac risk model used by thousands of clinicians across the globe every day. First developed in the late 1990s by consultant surgeons, Mr Francois Roques, and Mr Samer Nashef, EuroSCORE is run and maintained by Royal Papworth.

Following an extensive update involving 128 European hospital and 20 thousand patient records, EuroSCORE 2 is now considered the gold standard for cardiothoracic mortality risk modelling. To keep pace with an ever-changing healthcare landscape and to align with recent medical advances, an exciting development project to update a launch EuroSCORE 3 is currently underway. To facilitate this project, Royal Papworth has launched a new website to host EuroSCORE and is beginning an engagement exercise with over 100 cardiothoracic centres from across the world to develop the innovative new risk model. 

We are offering a unique opportunity for partners to align their brand with EuroSCORE and Royal Papworth to reach thousands of medical professionals with a specialist interest in cardiothoracic medicine.

Find out more information on the EuroSCORE website or email us at papworth.business.services@nhs.net

Research & Development

Our Research & development team is responsible for supporting the commercialisation of inventions and innovations from our staff and developing research partnerships with private sector and public sector partners, driving the discovery of new healthcare innovations and services for the benefit of NHS patients and the wider health and social care economy.

By using our pool of experts and purpose built facilities at the Heart and Lung Education and Research Institute (HLRI), co-located with the hospital and the University of Cambridge on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, we can support you to further your research and innovations, bringing research closer to the patient.

For more information, please visit our research & development section.