The Clinical Research Facility is located within the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Heart and Lung Research Institute. It is based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, which is the largest single site of clinical care, medical research and life sciences in Europe.

The VPD-HLRI CRF is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility overseen by expert research staff who specialise in early-phase cardiorespiratory trials and observational experimental medicine.

There is capacity for 10 inpatients at a time to take part in groundbreaking clinical studies and experimental medicine trials, focused on the translation of research from the laboratory to the bedside.


  • 10 inpatient beds, comprising two four-bedded wards and two single rooms.
  • Two physiology rooms with space for exercise testing, lung function assessment, echocardiography and digital assessments.
  • Four rooms for outpatient activity. 
  • One sample processing room.
  • One 'clean' room for preparing investigational medicinal product.
  • Access to additional diagnostic equipment at neighbouring Royal Papworth Hospital, such as PET-CT and AI-guided CT.

All of this combines to create a world-leading environment delivering high-impact translational medicine research, geared towards tackling global cardiovascularand respiratory diseases. 


Explore our state-of-the-art Clinical Research Facility in pictures. 

The vision

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases represent some of the world’s biggest killers. In 2019, every one in three people died from heart diseases.

The VPD-HLRI CRF is at the forefront of developing innovative treatments for a wide range of heart and lung conditions. It is ideally positioned on a life sciences campus combining health, academia, industry and charity, with one of the largest concentrations of cardiorespiratory researchers in the world. 

The VPD-HLRI CRF has an ambition to revolutionise how clinical trials are run, by putting patients at the centre of research through digital equipment and addressing inequity of access. 

By combining all of this, we hope to improve cardiovascular and respiratory health and outcomes not just in the UK, but globally too.

Contact us

For enquiries and opportunities in the CRF, please get in touch.

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The partners

The CRF is run by Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Cambridge who are the two main partners. 

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and Royal Papworth Charity provide funding as supporting partners. 

Commercial and non-commercial 

The VPD-HLRI CRF accommodates commercial and non-commercial studies. Please get in touch if you are interested in running a study. 

Meet the team

Dr Mark Toshner, Director 

Dr Mark Toshner wearing a shirt and waistcoat, standing outside a glass door with the words Clinical Research Facility


Ana Mora PhD, Operations Manager 

A woman in a navy blue sleeveless top smiling.

Jenniffer Castedo, Lead Clinical Research Nurse 

A nurse in a dark blue uniform with red piping, smiling.