The Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre was established in 1994 and now looks after more than 330 adults with CF from the Eastern Region and beyond.

The service is part of the Cambridge Centre for Lung Infection (CCLI), and is supported by a multidisciplinary team including: 6 CF specialist consultants, 3 CF specialist nurses, a dedicated ward nursing team, research nurses, specialist physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists, social workers, psychologist, psychiatrist, secretaries and management team.

Patients are seen in specialist CF clinics according to their sputum microbiology: no regular infection, non-epidemic Pseudomonas aeruginosa, epidemic Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Burkholderia cepacia complex, Mycobacterium abscessus and MRSA clinics occur weekly. The Centre also provides a 24/7 emergency service for people with CF who are acutely unwell.

CF inpatients are cared for on the CF ward, which has 10 ensuite rooms, each with air conditioning, WIFI, a lap top, 40inch flat screen TV and Wii Fit. The CF ward also has a gym with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

People with Burkholderia cepacia complex, Mycobacterium abscessus or MRSA are looked after in ensuite rooms (with the same facilities + exercise treadmill) adjacent to the CF ward.

The Royal Papworth Adult CF service also provides specialist CF psychological medicine clinics, CF diabetes clinics with the CUH diabetes team, and specialist CF liver disease clinics with CUH hepatologists.

Annual CF transition clinics are performed jointly with the paediatric teams to meet children and families prior to their care moving to the adult service. We currently run transition clinics at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, CUH in Cambridge, Ipswich Hospital, Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Kettering Hospital, Peterborough Hospital and Chelmsford Hospital. A link to a website containing useful information about transitioning from paediatric care to adult care at Royal Papworth NHS Foundation Trust is found below. 


New Royal Papworth Hospital

The inpatient facilities at New Royal Papworth Hospital include 12 ensuite rooms on the CF ward on the 4th floor with a further 6 inpatient rooms on an adjacent ward on the 4th floor, for patients with CF with more antibiotic resistant organisms. Each room will contain air conditioning, high-speed WIFI, flat screen TV and games console. 

The outpatient facilities at New Royal Papworth include 10 rooms in a dedicated CCLI area in the outpatient department, 4 of which are ensuite.

The new hospital has some state-of-the-art features to make it as safe as possible for people with CF from a cross-infection prevention perspective:

  • All outpatient clinic rooms, inpatient bedrooms and adjacent corridors have an enhanced ventilation system that will change the air every four minutes – this means that airborne bacteria and viruses will be extracted very quickly.
  • All clinic rooms will be cleaned with ultra violet disinfection between patients – this means that all bacteria living on surfaces (door handles, tables, chairs, and taps) will be killed.
  • All inpatient bedrooms will be cleaned with either ultra violet disinfection or hydrogen peroxide vapour disinfection between patients - this means that all bacteria living on surfaces (door handles, tables, chairs, taps) and in the air will be killed.
  • We have increased outpatient and inpatient capacity compared to the existing hospital to accommodate the increased number of people attending the adult CF service.

We are in the process of developing telemedicine capability so that you can monitor your wellbeing at home and only attend the hospital when you are unwell

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