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The Lung Defence Clinic

The Lung Defence Clinic looks after over 1800 patients with difficult lung infections. The case mix includes patients with bronchiectasis associated with primary and secondary immunodeficiency syndromes, non-tuberculous mycobacterial disease, aspergillus related lung disease, rheumatoid arthritis, serious childhood infection, chronic aspiration and primary ciliary dyskinesia. We also see people with asthma and COPD (smoking-related lung disease) who are troubled with recurrent lung infections.

The multidisciplinary team includes 7 respiratory consultants, 2 consultant immunologists, 2 lung defence and immunology specialist nurses, home iv nurses, research nurses, specialist respiratory physiotherapists, specialist ward nursing team, administrators and secretaries.

New patient referrals are seen in the Lung Defence Clinic for an initial review, before attending for specialist investigations including tests for immunodeficiency, cystic fibrosis and cilial dysfunction; a CT scan of the chest, lung function tests, allergy tests, specialist microbiological testing of sputum samples and a specialist chest physiotherapy review.

The Lung Defence Clinic and Immunology Service run specialist clinics for people with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, bronchiectasis, non-tuberculous mycobacterial infection, aspergillus related lung disease, rheumatoid/autoimmune related bronchiectasis, primary ciliary dyskinesia and a specific clinic for young people with difficult lung infections.

The Lung Defence Service has a dedicated 8-bed ward including four single rooms (two with negative pressure facilities) for people with difficult lung infections requiring inpatient treatment. We also run a community intravenous antibiotic programme for patients who wish to have their treatment at home.

The Lung Defence service is unique in having respiratory consultants and consultant clinical immunologists working within the same clinic to evaluate and treat people with difficult lung infection.