Our Physiotherapy department is staffed by physiotherapists with specific interest and clinical experience in cardiorespiratory care.

The Band 8 clinical and service lead physiotherapists have overall clinical and managerial responsibility and each of the six physiotherapy teams are led by staff with extensive experience and specialist skills. The teams are led by a specialist Band 7 Team Leader, supported by Band 6 deputy team leaders who are static in their specialist area. In addition we also have a neuro specialist physiotherapist.

Band 3 generic practitioners, Band 4 physiotherapy assistant practitioners and Band 5 and 6 physiotherapists rotate through the clinical teams developing their skills and knowledge in all aspects of the care of cardiorespiratory patients. 

The service is led by Allaina Eden (Physiotherapy Service Lead) and Rhys Hurst (Physiotherapy Clinical Lead). Please contact our Physiotherapy team on: 01223 638215

Find out more about the people who may be involved in your care:

Allaina Eden, Band 8 Physiotherapy Service Lead

DSC_2464_edited.jpgAllaina graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2001, completing her junior rotations at Glenfield Hospital, before moving to Royal Papworth Hospital in 2003.  

She has worked within the Physiotherapy department as a rotational Band 6, the Surgical Band 7 Team Leader and most recently as the Band 8 Physiotherapy Service Lead since 2013.  Allaina is responsible for clinical development across the surgical side of the hospital, and works clinically on Intensive Care. Her interests are in early rehabilitation and the ECMO service. Allaina leads the UK ECMO Physiotherapy Network, a peer group involving the lead physiotherapists working in the five commissioned UK ECMO centres.

How long have you worked at Royal Papworth Hospital?

Since 2003. I never intended to stay for so long, but I’ve never wanted to leave.

What inspired you to specialise in physiotherapy?  

I enjoy the acute nature of our patients, and how physiotherapy can make a difference to people’s lives. From chest interventions, helping patients to get off of ventilators, and rehabilitation, to helping people walk again after a long intensive care stay.

What is the best part of your job? 

There are many parts of my job I enjoy. From leading a successful department, implementing change, and developing services. However, I am most happy treating patients, getting to know them and their families, and seeing the improvements which get them closer to going to the ward and then returning home. 

Michael Rice, Band 6 Senior Rotational Physiotherapist

DSC_2454_edited.jpgMichael graduated from Cardiff University in 2015. He joined Royal Papworth Hospital as a newly graduated Band 5 Physiotherapist following some private work in academy football and cricket. Michael gained a role as a Band 6 Physiotherapist in March 2017 gaining valuable experience in a range of clinical areas across Royal Papworth. He is also involved within the Trust by presenting on the Pain Study Day.

How long have you worked at Royal Papworth Hospital?

Since January 2016, my first full time Physiotherapist job after graduating from University.

What inspired you to specialise in Physiotherapy?

I always thought I wanted to be a Sport Physiotherapist, probably football, as that is one of my main hobbies. I got hooked by the respiratory speciality after an inspiring student placement in West Wales and the opportunity to work at such a world renowned hospital was too good to miss!

What is the best part of your job? 

I love seeing the transformation within our surgical patients, especially following heart or lung transplants, as it’s such a life-changing experience. We work so closely with our patients day in, day out, and they inspire me with their determination to recover.

Jamie Pack, Band 4 Physiotherapy Assistant Practitioner

Jamie graduated from his Sports and Exercise Science Degree in 2014 at the University of Lincoln. He has now worked as a Physiotherapy Assistant Practitioner at Papworth for two and half years. Rotating around the hospital gives him the opportunity to rehabilitate patients on their journey from Critical Care to the ward setting.  He is also the health and safety link member for the PSS team.

How long have you worked at Royal Papworth Hospital?  

Since 2016. 

What inspired you to specialise in physiotherapy?  

I always wanted to work in rehabilitation, initially working with athletes. However, the opportunity to work in healthcare has made me realise how rewarding being part of a patient’s journey can be.

What is the best part of your job?

I enjoy having such a patient-facing job that allows us to help progress patients’ mobility and confidence to ensure they are safe to return home. That is the most rewarding part for me.