Being in hospital can be a difficult experience and you may be a long way from your usual support network. As chaplains we provide a non-judgmental presence, and help you to respond to your situation in a way that feels most comfortable and appropriate for you. Our role is to listen to what matters most to you and to offer you time, whether faith is relevant or not.

For those whose faith is important, we can support you with the resources you need including offering Holy texts, prayer, faith specific rituals and sacraments or arranging for someone of your own faith to visit.

Referrals for a chaplain to visit a patient can be made by email to: or by calling 07775 555172 or the Chaplaincy office on 01223 639121 or by staff or relatives on the ward. We aim to be there within 24 hours if possible, according to need.

Members of the Chaplaincy team are available for all patients, relatives and staff members, wherever you might be coming from. Find out more.

Location of the Chapel and Multi-Faith room

The Chaplaincy department is located on the ground floor of the hospital, opposite the restaurant. It consists of the Chapel, Multi-Faith room and the chaplain’s office.

The facility is open 24 hours a day.

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For Holy days and special occasions, please see the Chapel notice board for details. The Christian sacraments of Holy Communion or anointing of the sick at the bedside are available on request. 


You do not have to follow a particular faith; we will respond to everyone who asks to see us and will respect wherever you are coming from. Chaplains are on site 0800 -1600, Monday to Friday. At all other times, there is a chaplain on call. 

To speak to a chaplain or to request a visit from representative of another faith community, please call into the office, contact us on 01223 639121 or email

We endeavour to provide a full 24/7 emergency service, and are contactable via the switchboard outside of office hours. There is also an answer phone for non-urgent matters.