We work very closely with Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) and enjoy a shared service agreement supporting work experience opportunities. This is overseen by the Work Opportunities Team at CUH.

Work experience opportunities are open to any student attending a school or college within Cambridgeshire, including students from bordering counties. If you are unsure if this includes you, please email cuh.workexperience.addenbrookes@nhs.net for confirmation.

Schools and Colleges within our catchment area are notified of the programmes below from Cambridge University Hospitals and places are allocated via an application process through the Work Opportunities Team. Attendance requires authorisation from the school / college’s career’s advisor or tutor. Please see the application form below. Guidance is also available through the schools/college’s tutor / careers advisor.

Work shadowing placements are available in a range of areas and vary from 1-5 days in length. 

Medical Shadowing & Clinical Shadowing including Laboratories, Health Sciences and Allied Health Professionals

Shadowing is specifically for sixth form students applying to study medicine / Allied Health Profession / Science at University.  The placement aims to provide an insight into the professional service environment as to assist the students’ UCAS application / interview.  Applications must be submitted at least two months prior to the placement request date as health clearance from our Occupational Health team will be required before the placement can take place.

 Placement dates on request, dependant on availability of staff.  Applications must be received 2 months prior to the placement request date.  If we are not able to place you on the date requested, another date will be offered.  Please note requests for Medical Shadowing are oversubscribed and not all requests will be fulfilled.  These requests can be anywhere within CUH or Royal Papworth Hospital (RPH), including Radiology, Radiotherapy, Theatres (if aged 18), Emergency Department, Trauma, Cardiology for example.  If you have a preferred area, please specify, although we cannot guarantee the placement.


If you are interested in a placement at CUH or RPH please contact cuh.workexperience.addenbrookes@nhs.net.

We are oversubscribed with requests for placements, so are unable to guarantee a placement.  We aim to respond to applications within 3 months.  Please make sure you check your spam box regularly for email confirmation from us.

Our insight programmes are available for Year 10 to Year 13 - or up to 24 years of age if studying at a local college.

Insight into Theatres and Surgery at Royal Papworth Hospital Tuesday 22nd November 2022 Closing date for applications is 1st November 2022 please note this face-to-face programme is being help on Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Are you interested in working in a theatre environment? Would you like to learn what it is like in a leading hospital for Cardiac Surgery? Join us to hear from some of the team from Royal Papworth Hospital about post cardiac surgery, what is an Operating Department Practitioner, and see some of the instruments used plus more. 

Nursing and Midwifery: 5th December 2022 Closing date for applications 5th November 2022

This programme offers a deeper insight into Healthcare Support, Adult, Paediatric and Mental Health Nursing as well as Midwifery, exploring the various routes and career pathways available.​​​​​​​ 

Caring in the NHS: 9th & 10th January 2023 closing date for applications 4th December 2022

This 2-day programme gives students the opportunity to learn more about some of the Allied Health Professions, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language, Nutrition and Dietetics, Theatre staff, Healthcare Support Workers, and Paramedics. The programme is delivered through presentations, demonstrations, and skills-based activities.​​​​​​​ 

NHS Careers in a Non-Patient Facing Role- One day Programme For year 10 & year 11 Only Wednesday 11th January 2023 closing date for applications 10th December 2022

Are you thinking ‘I am not sure what to do’, but thinking you would not like to be involved directly with patients? Do you know how many roles there are in the NHS that are not patient facing? Join us to hear about the career pathways at CUH including Administration, Management, Human Resources, Estates, Contact Centre / IT, Communications and Digital Marketing, Operation Managers and Finance accountants plus others.​​​​​​​ 

Healthcare Science 2-day programme Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th January 2023 closing date for applications 15th December 2022

This two-day programme will provide you with insight into the many different areas in Healthcare Science at a leading hospital. With some practical sessions, talks and tours from our staff this will be a programme not to miss if you have a keen interest in science. So, whether you are thinking Bioinformatics, Biomedical Science, Histopathology or Physical Sciences come and join us for the two days to find out the difference between them all.​​​​​​​ 

Year 10 Work Experience: Date to be confirmed 12th – 17th June 2023 applications to be received by 31st January

This weeklong programme is for year 10 students from local schools who are interested in working in the NHS and would like to know more about it. As students are under the age of 16, this is delivered in the classroom through presentations, talks and activities. This is a very popular and oversubscribed programme. We therefore work with the school’s career advisor / work experience coordinator to select the most suitable students. Please note we are unable to support college work experience weeks directly.​​​​​​​ 

Programmes for Year 12 & 13 only

Medical Work Experience Programme plus 1 day placement: 14 December 2022 applications to be received by 25 October 2022

This two-day programme is for sixth form students considering a career in medicine to answer the question “is this the right career for me?”

The first day is a proactive classroom-based programme with speakers and presentations from a range of clinical staff, offering the chance to ask questions and find out what University interviews are really like. During the following week the students will be allocated a day when they shadow a Consultant in Cambridge University Hospitals or Royal Papworth Hospital. During this time, they may observe patient consultations, ward rounds, clinic/ department procedures, multidisciplinary team meetings and emergency care. There is also the opportunity to observe in one of our Theatres for students over the age of 17. Please state if you are interested in a theatre placement.​​​​​​​ 

Cambridge Clinical Research Centre: Dates for 2023 TBC

We offer students chance to participate in some work shadowing in the Cambridge Clinical Research Centre. This 3-day programme provides students with a chance to spend time meeting researchers, watching clinical skills, touring our research facility and labs. The programme aims to cover the Ethics of research, Metabolic research, patient and public involvement, early phase trials in Oncology and Paediatric research. (Subject to programme change)



If you are interested in attending an Insight Programme, please speak to your Careers Advisor at college for authorisation (if it is in college time) in the first instance and obtain an application form.

Confirmation of placement will be sent once the programme has closed to applications, so please make sure you check your spam box.

If you would like any career information, or information on apprenticeships that may be available please email: cuh.apprenticeships.addenbrookes@nhs.net

If you have any queries regarding work experience email: cuh.workexperience.addenbrookes@nhs.net