Dr Alain Vuylsteke is the Clinical Director of Clinical and Diagnostic Services (CADS).

He has been a Consultant in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at Papworth since 1998, and has been Director of the National Respiratory ECMO Service at Papworth since 2011. Prior to taking on the role of Clinical Director of CADS, Dr Vuylsteke spent four years as director of the Intensive Care Unit, and four years as the Chair of the Hospital Drugs and Therapeutics Committee.

Outside Papworth, Dr Vuylsteke is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and an examiner for the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine. His clinical interests include Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), Pulmonary Thromboendarterectomy (PTE), and blood conservation. Other research interests include the impact of IT on healthcare.



Intensive care

Specialist Clinical Interests

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
Cardiothoracic Intensive Care
Pulmonary (thrombo)endarterectomy
Blood conservation techniques

Special research Interests

Perioperative cognition – Impact of IT on healthcare


Currently or formerly acting as investigator or scientific advisor for, or having received fees for consultancy from the following companies: Abbott, Adprotech, Aortech, AstraZeneca, Baxter Hemoglobin Therapeutics, CERT (China), CSL Behring, Elan Pharma, EMS Research, e-Rewards, GLG Group, Hemosol, Esai, Genzyme, Junicon, Medefield, Medicys, NovoNordisk, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Procter & Gable, Searle, The Medicines Company.

Education and Training

Bachelor of Science - BSc 1987
Doctor of Medicine - MD 1991
Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training - CCST(Anaesthesia) 1998
Diplôme d'Enseignement Spécialisé en Anésthesie at Réanimation - DESAR 1998
Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists - FRCA 2004
Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, FFICM 2011
Master of Arts, University of Cambridge - MA 2014

Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies and university posts


Recent Publications

Publications listed on Google Scholar

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More publications available at PubMed.

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