Dr Ian Smith is the Medical Director of Royal Papworth Hospital. He has particular responsibility for the research direction of the hospital. He has led on the delivery of the Heart and Lung Research Institute a major collaboration with the University of Cambridge and oversaw the establishment of the Papworth Clinical Trials Unit. 

He is a chest physician specialising in ventilatory failure and sleep medicine with expertise in weaning, domiciliary ventilation, sleep apnoea and non-respiratory sleep disorders including narcolepsy and parasomnias. He led the Hospital’s Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre (RSSC), to be the first in the UK accredited by the European and British Sleep Societies. He was a founder the regional Motor Neurone Disease care network and co-author on the NICE guidelines for people with MND. 

In his own research Dr Smith has several grant funded collaborations and has supervised candidates to higher degrees. He is Vice Chair of the UK Association of Respiratory Technicians and Physiologists sleep section. He co-authored the British Thoracic Society position statement on driving and sleep apnoea. He is the current President of the East Anglian Thoracic Society. Dr Smith is an Associate Lecturer to the University of Cambridge and has held a number of key educational posts locally and across the Eastern Region. 

Specialist Clinical Interests

Home ventilation, sleep disorders, sleep apnoea, motor neurone disease (MND).

Research Interests

Treatment of sleep apnoea, Home ventilation, Respiratory failure in MND, Weaning from invasive ventilation.

Education and Training

Exhibition to Gonville and Caius College Cambridge
BA (Hons) Medical Sciences
MA March 1988
MBBS July 1987
MRCP (London) June 1990
MD (Cambridge University) March 1997
FRCP (London) 2000
ARTP award for services to Respiratory Medicine 2016

Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies and university posts

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
Registered with the GMC no.3201378
Associate Lecturer Cambridge University
Member of British Thoracic Society
Member of European Respiratory Society

Recent and Important Publications

Askland K, Wright L, Wozniak DR, Emmanuel T, Caston J, Smith I. Educational, supportive and behavioural interventions to improve usage of continuous positive airway pressure machines in adults with obstructive sleep apnoea. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2020, Issue 4. 

Wozniak DR, Bourne RR, Peretz G, Kean J, Willshire C, Harun, S, Villar SS, Chiu Y, Smith IE Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Patients With Primary-open Angle Glaucoma: No Role for a Screening Program. Journal of Glaucoma 2019, 28, 668 - 675

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