Dr Parmar completed his Undergraduate training at the Southampton University Hospitals,  followed by Respiratory and General Medicine on the Wessex Specialist Registrar rotation. He completed a PhD in the Department of Medicine at Addenbrookes Hospital and St Catharine’s College Cambridge. Dr Parmar’s thesis examined the impact of changes in conformations of α1-antitrypsin on the biology of neutrophil function in relationship to inflammation in patients with emphysema.

This period of academic training was followed by a year post CCST fellowship, specialist training on the Lung Transplant Program at the University of Toronto.

Specialist Clinical Interests

Clinical lung transplantation, interventional bronchoscopy.
Research Interests
Obliterative bronchiolits.

Education and Training

BM (Soton) 1990
MRCP (Lond) 1993
PhD (Cantab) 2002
FRCP (Lond) 2009

Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies and university posts


Recent and Important Publications

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