Dr Toshner is a chest physician specialising in pulmonary vascular disorders. He holds an honorary contract at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and is a Visiting Scientist at the University of Cambridge where he works closely with Professor Nicholas Morrell. Prior to taking up his consultant post he held a Clinical Lecturer’s post in Translational Medicine at the University of Cambridge and is interested in taking basic science and applying it to the clinical arena for patient benefit.

He is an active member of the British Thoracic Society formerly sitting on the General Council as the specialist trainee representative, the Education and Training Committee and currently the Specialist Advisory Group for Pulmonary Vascular Diseases. He retains an interest in teaching and has in the past acted as the Collector of Cases for the University, contributed to the East Anglian Specialist Advisory Committee, the Eastern Deanery Specialist Training Committee and  organised the programme for Eastern Deanery specialist registrar training. He is an associate editor for BMC Cardiovascular Disorders.

Recent Publications

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