Dr Davies is a consultant Respiratory physician within the Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre and is the Divisional Clinical Director for Thoracic and Ambulatory Services. 

He specialises in the treatment of respiratory failure, including the weaning of patients from invasive ventilation, the provision of home mechanical ventilation, and in the treatment of respiratory and non-respiratory sleep disorders. 

He undertakes sleep disturbance clinics, general respiratory clinics. He has a sub-specialty interest in respiratory problems in neuromuscular disorders, contributing to Royal Papworth Hospital’s dedicated MND service and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy service.

Specialist Clinical Interests

Respiratory failure, home ventilation, weaning from invasive ventilation, respiratory problems in neuromuscular disorders, respiratory physiology.

External Roles
  • Clinical Lead for the British Thoracic Society's (BTS) acute NIV audit programme.
  • Regional representative for NHS England's Clinical Reference Group.
  • Chair of the BTS Respiratory Critical Care Specialist Advisory Group (2014-2019).
  • Medical lead for the BTS Short Course for acute and home ventilation.
Research Interests

Respiratory Failure, Respiratory Physiology, Sleep Medicine.

Education and Training

MBBS (with distinction) – University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (1994)
MRCP (1997)
MD – University of London (2009)
FFICM 2011
FRCP 2011

Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies and university posts

Associate Lecturer,  University of Cambridge
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
Member of the British Thoracic Society
Member of the Intensive Care Society
Member of the European Respiratory Society
Member of the British Sleep Society
Chair of the BTS Critical Care Specialist Advisory Group

Recent and Important Publications

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