Lesley has been in the NHS healthcare system since she was eight years old due to a chronic lung disease.   As a patient at Royal Papworth Hospital, Lesley has personal experience and insight to the needs of patients as well as the medical teams who care for us all.  

She is now retired but worked as a Practice Manager in a Private Medical Practice where communicating with patients and medical professionals was a top priority.  Lesley held various Managerial Posts in various organisations involving liaising with clients and delivering time management training.

She is a fully qualified TEFL tutor teaching English to different nationalities which requires empathy and understanding of our diverse cultures across the world an important aspect in the NHS.  She is a strong communicator and therefore, believes that she can make a valuable contribution with her experience and knowledge for the good of the hospital.

Lesley said she ishonoured to be a Patient Governor and fully embraces the important role and will do her utmost to fulfil her duty with dignity, respect, and professionalism to all people.

As a Patient Governor Lesley can be a voice for patients whether as an in-patient or as an out-patient to ensure care, understanding and empathy to all who maybe daunted at the prospect of a hospital stay as well as acknowledging the challenges of the Medical Teams and other personnel at the hospital