14 February 2020

Phill Hardwell is a current inpatient on critical care. He is connected to a BiVAD which is keeping his heart pumping while he waits for a potential life-saving heart transplant. 

Phill served with 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery, for 12 years until June 2018. On Thursday, around a dozen of the regiment travelled up from Plymouth to visit him.

They presented him with a military beret, a framed army dagger and Commando Poem, and showed him video messages from other members of the regiment who couldn't be there.

The reunion would not have been possible without the care and compassion shown by the multidisciplinary team on critical care for helping Phil to be moved down to the atrium from critical care.

Phill's wife, Roxy, shared her appreciation for the work of the team on Facebook: "I really cannot put into words how grateful me and my husband are for all that the team have done, not just today, but throughout our stay here in critical care. The fact that even with how busy you all are, time was made, and there was no rush. Having Phill's Commando brothers visit has boosted his morale ten fold. He hasn't stopped smiling all day."

Watch the full video on Royal Papworth's Twitter account.