15 October 2018

Staff celebrated National Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Day at Royal Papworth Hospital on Monday (15 October).

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, dietitians and radiographers were among the AHPs taking part in a special event to raise awareness of the different roles, and how they work collaboratively to improve patient care. As well as displays and mini-workshops, there was also a cake sale to raise money for the Royal Papworth Hospital Charity.   

Pippa Hales, Speech and Language Therapy Lead at Royal Papworth Hospital, said: "There were a lot of visitors,  stimulating plenty of discussion around the unique roles, as well as future innovations for the new hospital.

"We’d like to thank everyone who attended the session, baked cakes, raised funds for Royal Papworth Hospital Charity and helped us celebrate the work of AHPs at Royal Papworth Hospital."

Dr Helen Watson, Operations Manager, Ambulatory Care at Royal Papworth Hospital, said: “It is a day to understand, recognise and celebrate the fundamental role AHPs have in transforming health, care and wellbeing for patients and citizens. Illustrating the potential of AHPs is particularly important in the development of long term plans for the NHS in England.”