17 February 2022

Royal Papworth Hospital has been recognised for its sustained excellence in image quality for cardiac CT (computerised tomography) scans

After scanning patients with suspected coronary artery disease, the images produced then undergo analysis using a technology called HeartFlow. This creates a detailed map of the patients’ coronary arteries to assist clinicians with diagnoses and disease management. This technology, though, requires very high image quality to run its computer modelling.

During 2021, 94% of scans conducted by the radiology team at Royal Papworth Hospital were able to undergo the HeartFlow Analysis, compared to average acceptance rates of 89% across all centres.

This means that fewer patients at Royal Papworth require second tests because clinicians have greater certainty when diagnosing patients. 

In recognition of having exceptionally high image quality and acceptance rates, a team from HeartFlow this week presented the radiology team at Royal Papworth Hospital with a plaque. 

People standing in a CT scan room, with two people in the middle of the room holding a plaque.
The radiology team at Royal Papworth being presented with their award.

“This award recognises the continued and sustained clinical excellence by the radiographers and radiologists here at Royal Papworth Hospital,” said Dr Jonathan Weir-McCall, Honorary Consultant Radiologist.

“Having a high image quality means that we can have a better understanding of our patients and their disease profile, and they can therefore be managed with more effective treatment plans, whether that is medical therapies or revascularisation (insertion of stents). 

“This greater diagnostic certainty also improves efficiency, because patients who we refer onwards for revascularisation due to narrowed arteries are more likely to be the ones who need to be seen. 

“For example, we were one of the first centres in the UK to partner with HeartFlow, and since its introduction we have seen that 75% of the patients who we send onto the cath lab do end up getting revascularised, compared to 50-60% prior to its implementation. 

“This a great example of industry-hospital collaboration bringing innovation into healthcare, providing significant benefits for both patients and staff.”

“We are proud to recognise the team at Royal Papworth Hospital for its outstanding CT service,” said Stephen Kam, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Customer Success and International Sales.

“The exemplary CT image quality is a testament to the team’s commitment to improving the diagnostic experience for patients with coronary heart disease.”