5 October 2018

Royal Papworth Hospital’s Thoracic Oncology team is leading the way when it comes to cancer patient care, according to a new report.

The hospital was rated an average of 9.1 for care by patients - on a scale of 0 (very poor) to 10 (very good) – in the recently released National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2017. The national average was 8.8.

Within the report, patients described their care at the hospital as “compassionate”, “exceptional” and “creative”.

And the Trust – which treats patients with lung cancer and mesothelioma - scored significantly higher than the national average in the following key areas:

  • Possible side effects explained to patient in an understandable way
  • Patient definitely told about side effects that could affect them in the future
  • There were always / nearly always enough nurses on duty
  • Patient was able to discuss worries or fears with staff during visit
  • Patient was given clear written information about what they should / should not do post discharge
  • Taking part in cancer research discussed with patient

Among the responses to the survey, patients said:

“From the day I was diagnosed I felt all staff at Papworth were giving me a wonderful sense of care all the time. I particularly liked the way doctors, nurses and other staff always acknowledged me as they passed me in corridors or [during] treatment.”

“Papworth is exceptional in its care. All the staff are caring and compassionate. I was in dreadful pain and they did everything they could to get it under control. They were all so lovely.”

“The consultant thought creatively about my unusual care. After surgery I was given the choice about what to do next. I appreciated this, as it made me feel empowered, and that I chose what happened to my body.”

Dr Robert Rintoul, Lead Clinician for Cancer at Royal Papworth Hospital, said: “We are delighted with the excellent outcome of the latest National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, results which Royal Papworth has now sustained for several years. This is a reflection of the dedication and continued hard work provided by the multiple disciplines that comprise the lung cancer MDT.” 

Full national results and other reports are available at www.ncpes.co.uk.