The emphasis of the Thoracic Oncology service at Royal Papworth is on the investigation of suspected thoracic cancers, particularly lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma. We provide a rapid access service for the diagnosis and staging of these cancers, as well as surgery for lung cancer. We receive referrals from hospitals across the east of England and beyond.

We offer advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to diagnose, stage and treat thoracic cancers.


East of England Cancer Alliances 

The East of England Cancer Alliances operates as part of the NHS to transform local cancer services - in close collaboration with the region’s six NHS integrated care systems.

Cancer teams across the East of England, including at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, have worked with patients, families, charities and volunteers to launch the first-ever strategy to transform cancer care across the region.

Published at the end of 2022, the ambitious, five-year plan aims to put patients at the centre of cancer care, improving their experience, tracking down more cancers at an earlier stage, and driving key improvements in cancer outcomes.

View the East of England Cancer Alliances Strategy