As a Chaplaincy team we are here to meet the spiritual and religious needs of the whole hospital community, by providing specialist pastoral care for patients, relatives and staff.

We visit patients on the wards and have time to listen to those who may be feeling overwhelmed or anxious or who just fancy a chat.  Our spiritual care involves identifying what matters most to people and what gives them strength, meaning and hope. We care for those experiencing loss or grief and are often involved in emergency situations, as well as offering comfort and support to those at the end of life and their families.

For patients whose faith is important, we can support them with whatever resources they may need to practice their faith whilst in hospital, including providing Holy texts and arranging faith specific rituals.  Our extensive network of multi-faith contacts can connect patients with any religious or faith support that is helpful to them. 

Within the Royal Papworth Hospital, the Multi-Faith area is found on the ground floor opposite the Restaurant, where our offices are also located. The Chapel / Multi-Faith room is open to anyone day or night for private reflection and prayer.

Referrals to Chaplaincy are welcome from anyone and our team is available each weekday on site from 8:00 - 16:00 and out of hours 24/7 for emergencies when one of us is always available.  


Non-urgent referrals to Chaplaincy can be made by anyone on behalf a patient or relative (or staff member). We will visit the patient on the same day where possible or the next working day.  Referrals can be made by email: or by calling 07775 555172 or the Chaplaincy office on 01223 639121. Please let us know the patient’s name and location and whether they have a particular faith background that is important to them.

If a patient requires urgent or out of hours support, staff can call the hospital switchboard on 01223 638000 who will contact an on-call chaplain. Please let the switchboard team know if the patient requires a Roman Catholic or generic chaplain.

Chaplains are able to bring patients Holy Communion that can be offered at the bedside.  For those for whom a specific denominational tradition is important, we will endeavor to use wording, prayers and liturgy to support your individual faith needs.  Within the Chapel space there is opportunity for private prayer, to light a candle or write a prayer and add it to the prayer tree. There are occasional services including awareness and remembrance events throughout the year. Copies of the New Testament and Psalms (including in large print) are available without charge on request.

Roman Catholic Mass takes place in the Chapel each Thursday at midday.  A Roman Catholic priest is available each Monday and Friday on request and can visit patients to provide spiritual care and administer the sacraments of reconciliation and healing, Holy Communion and anointing of the sick. The chaplaincy office holds a selection of rosary beads that can be delivered to the wards. Urgent or out of hours requests for a Catholic priest can be made through the hospital switchboard on 01223 638000.

The Chaplaincy has a selection of Muslim resources on site. Ablution stones, Quran speakers and copies of the Quran are available without charge and can be delivered to wards on request. A Qibla compass is available in the Chaplaincy department and can be brought to the ward to assist in finding the Qibla direction if required.

Should a patient wish to see an imam or representative from the Muslim community, please contact the Chaplaincy who will do their utmost to arrange this. The Multi-Faith room is available for prayer for anyone in the hospital and prayer mats are located in the cupboard.

Chaplains are regularly involved in supporting staff offering an independent, confidential and non-judgmental space to support staff with both home and work related concerns. Referrals to chaplaincy can be made by any member of staff or anyone on their behalf with the staff member’s consent. Depending on the need, a chaplain will contact the staff member on the same day where possible or the next working day. Referrals can be made by email: or by calling 07775 555172 or the chaplaincy office on 01223 639121.