The role of a dietitian at Royal Papworth 

Dietitians work in all areas of our hospital as respected and valued members of multidisciplinary teams. 

They have close links with medical, nursing, catering, and pharmacy departments as well as other Allied Health Professionals.

The dietetic team consists of registered dietitians (including those returning to practice), dietetic assistants, dietetic assistant practitioners and dietetic apprentices.

They recommend specialist dietary treatment for nutrition-related conditions within our specialisms of cardiology, cardiac and thoracic surgery, and chronic respiratory medicine.  

The team works closely with our patients to help them understand why the dietary changes are necessary for their condition and how they can manage these changes within their lifestyle. They also initiate and monitor artificial feeding for those who cannot meet their nutritional requirements orally.

Nine people wearing white uniforms with purple piping standing in a hospital corridor.

Our dietitians' expertise helps patients recover from major surgery and manage long-term conditions


After more than five years out to start a family, I've re-registered and returned to practice at Royal Papworth. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive.
Rebecca Porthouse
Registered Dietitian

Who do we help and support?

We work across critical care and all the inpatient wards at Royal Papworth Hospital. This includes transplant, cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology and chronic respiratory conditions, including adult cystic fibrosis.

We also see cystic fibrosis patients in virtual and face-to-face outpatient clinics to manage their complex nutritional needs. Additionally, a specialist cardiac rehabilitation dietitian works with both inpatients and outpatients on the hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation programme.

Two people in white uniforms with purple piping, wearing masks, standing with a trolley of fruit and drinks.

Louise and Catherine supporting patients in critical care

Learning, development and education

We stay up to date with evidence-based practice through regular journal clubs, audits, courses, regional and national working groups and conferences. Many of our team are also involved in professional development courses in education, leadership and advanced clinical practice. 

As a department we are involved in staff and patient education programmes and actively take part in national promotions such as nutrition and hydration week and dietitians’ week. 

Two people standing in a hospital ward corridor next to a trolley full of food and plates.

Our dietitians collaborate closely with the catering team to meet inpatients' nutritional needs.

Our outstanding benefits

Staff case study

Rebecca Porthouse, Registered Dietitian

In January 2022, I was ready to go back to being a dietitian after some time out of practice with my two young children. Because I had been out of work for more than five years, I needed to do 60 days of return to practice.

In the summer, around the time I was ready to re-register, a job came up at Royal Papworth Hospital. I was offered the job and started at the end of October.

I have had a really positive experience returning to work at Royal Papworth. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive and works together as a team to help their patients.