We have six state-of-the-art, spacious, modern theatres equipped with the latest technology, including a thoracic surgical robot. 

Nurses, ODPs, surgeons, anaesthetist, porters, surgical care practitioners, healthcare support workers, storekeepers, perfusionists and technicians all work together each day as part of a close-knit team delivering the best outcomes and innovative treatments for our patients. 


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What does a day in theatres look like?

Each day is different from the last in theatres.

We have five theatres that run elective cardiac lists and one theatre that runs an elective thoracic list, but this will change if an emergency operation is required, such as a heart or ling transplant or an aortic dissection. 

Each theatre consists of a multidisciplinary team working together to provide the best care for their patient. Part of our culture at Royal Papworth means that we celebrate our collective achievements together, as a team, whether you are a surgeon, anaesthetist, porter or healthcare support worker. 

Who do we help and support?

We care for patients immediately before, during and immediately after surgery within the theatre environment. 

Surgery can range from routine cardiac, for example coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG) and valve replacements, to emergency surgery such as heart or lung transplants or complex aortic surgery.

We also have regular thoracic lists that vary in complexity and approach, with access to a cutting-edge thoracic surgery robot. 

We have a small recovery unit for patients that do not require care in critical care. This is mainly for people undergoing thoracic surgery and sternal wound debridements.

We staff a minor procedure room that is regularly used for cardioversions, transoesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) and chest drain insertions. Our staff are also part of the hospital's cardiac arrest team, with an anaesthetic and surgical practitioner each holding an emergency bleep 24/7.

Outside of theatres, the anaesthetic team also support angiography lists needing general anaesthetics. We also support our neighbours in critical care with bronchoscopies and tracheotomies.


Working here you can be certain that you will make a positive difference to our patients.
Peter Bhinda
Senior Surgical Care Practitioner

Training and education 

With a theatres education team, you will have access to the very best training courses, including cardiac advanced life support (CALS). There is excellent support for staff through this education team, but also our line managers and the theatres leadership team. 

You will be trained in techniques not seen anywhere else in the UK, such as pulmonary endarterectomy (PEA) surgery and be part of our world-leading non-beating heart transplant (DCD) programme. 

Benefits and discounts

Find out more about the benefits we provide, from 50% off delicious food and drink in our restaurant to free gig tickets, as well as enhanced annual leave, a gold-standard pension and free tea, coffee and milk. 

Our staff benefits

Why work in theatres?

Working in theatres at Royal Papworth Hospital will mean you are part of a world-renowned team, delivering outstanding results and lifesaving care to make a positive difference to people's lives every day. 

It is a fast-paced and highly-technical place of work, but we are proud to provide comprehensive support and education. You do not need previous experience in theatres to work in our team. If you have the passion and compassion, we will give you the tools and skills required. 

We care for the most complex patients in the hospital at their most vulnerable time, with each multidisciplinary team caring for one patient at a time so everyone can focus their attention on every detail of care. 

We run in-house research and are always looking to deliver service improvements to deliver the best standard of care for our patients. Our theatre practitioners attend conferences around the world to present our work, network and learn from other experts in the field.

There is the opportunity for career progression into different roles within the speciality that suit your skills and personal areas of interest. Staff are supported and encouraged to progress through apprenticeships and post-graduate course at local universities.

We are a large and multidisciplinary team and enjoy working together to provide excellent care for our patients. 

Our values

Staff case studies 


Anaesthetic Nurse

I work in close collaboration with our anaesthetists, looking after my patients pre-surgery and during the surgery. I feel really proud of that, that I'm making a difference for my patients every day.

I joined Royal Papworth Hospital in 2020 and chose to work here because it is a world-renowned cardiothoracic centre. With support and education from the team, I have improved my skills and knowledge every day.

Tivisay in blue scrubs and wearing a face mask, with operating theatre equipment behind.

Mr Farid

Consultant Cardiac and Aortic Surgeon

I did my training at Royal Papworth, starting at the hospital in 2012. This is a fantastic hospital with some of the best outcomes in the country, all possible because of how we come together as a team. 

As surgeons we work closely with our nursing colleagues - and everyone else in theatre - who are essential to what we do. 

There are lots of training opportunities here and being based in Cambridge, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, is another big bonus for me.

Shakil wearing blue scrubs and a theatre cap, smiling, with a theatre light behind him.

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