15 June 2018

The annual awareness and fundraising drive will include a Workplace Challenge on Thursday 21 June, when the CF physiotherapy team will take on all-comers in an exercise contest, including squats, star jumps and more. A cake sale – which all staff members are invited to contribute to and attend -  will be held on the same day. Friday 22 June is ‘Wear Yellow Day’.

Charlotte Francis, Deputy Team Lead Physiotherapist in Cystic Fibrosis, said: “The purpose of the exercise challenge is not only to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity but also to raise awareness of the sensation of feeling breathless (dyspnoea), which is a common symptom experienced by patients with chronic lung conditions including cystic fibrosis. By asking staff to complete short burst exercises as quickly as they can they become short of breath.

“Breathlessness is a normal physiological response to exercise but can be experienced by CF patients when performing day-to-day activities such as walking, getting dressed, climbing stairs, or doing jobs around the house.

“Exercise and physical activity is particularly important for people with CF as not only can it help with airway clearance (clearing mucus from the lungs), but it can improve muscle strength, glycemic control, exacerbation frequency, lung function, bone mineral density, sleep, mood and overall quality of life.”

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