Outpatient referrals

Appointments can be booked simply by post or email, to one of the five consultants specialising in sleep and respiratory medicine, or as a generic referral:

Dr Mike Davies
Dr Martina Mason
Dr Nick Oscroft
Dr Tim Quinnell
Dr Ian Smith

Once the referral has been received, it will be assessed within 24 hours. The centre will let you know if the patient is suitable for one of its local sleep clinics, and if so, staff will provide details of when and where the clinic will be held. Sleep referrals will be seen within six weeks and respiratory patients will be seen within two weeks.

It is now possible to book a telephone appointment using 'Choose and Book'. Having booked the appointment, GPs should ensure Royal Papworth Hospital receives a referral letter within the timescale specified on the Directory of Services. The hospital will review the letter to determine what type of appointment is required and then contact the patient at the pre-booked telephone appointment time to arrange a face-to-face appointment.

GPs are asked to ensure that their patients are aware that the appointment booked through Choose and Book is a telephone appointment only, and patients should not turn up at the hospital.

Please send any pre-referral test results to the centre with the patient.

If you think that a patient has a sleep disorder or needs respiratory support then follow the links to see what the RSSC may be able to offer.


Inpatient referrals (Non-Critical Care)

Please contact the RSSC staff who will contact your ward staff to arrange transfer. If you wish to discuss the case further please bleep the RSSC consultant or call via Royal Papworth Hospital switchboard: 01223 638000.


Inpatient Referrals (Critical Care)

The centre accepts invasively ventilated patients with tracheostomies for weaning and non-invasively ventilated patients for set up on domiciliary treatment. Due to the complex nature of referrals from critical care, the centre feels such cases are best discussed in person with the consultant on call for the RSSC, who can be reached via the hospital switchboard (see above). Please see the invasive ventilation weaning programme section of the website for further details.